Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Summary: A very fun group game for the holidays that involves giving a gift to a secret target person!

Ages: 12 and up. Recommend number of people: 10-20. Messiness factor: Not messy at all! Materials: Gifts, tape, gift wrap. Setting: Indoors.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Secret Santa is a great party game that is ideal for Christmas time (or whatever gift-giving holiday you love to celebrate!). There is some preparation involved for each player, as well as a small cost involved. Each person must buy a gift of a similar price value (up to $12, for example) and a game coordinator needs to randomly assign each player to another player (their secret gift recipient).

Each player has a certain amount of time to buy a gift and deliver it to their target (for example, two weeks). Alternatively, have a gift organizer collect the gifts and distribute them at a certain time. Have fun! And you thought Santa wasn’t real.

If you enjoy this game, please share it with your friends!

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