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Hodgy Podgy

Hodgy Podgy

Summary: Hodgy Podgy is a simple (and entertaining!) rhythm game that has each person go around taking turns adding words to create a story. Ages: 10 and up. Recommend # of people: 6-15. Messiness factor: No Sweat. Materials Required: None. Recommended Setting: Indoors. Instructions: Hodgy Podgy (also known as Hodgey Podgey and the Hodgy Podgy Word Game) is a simple yet very fun rhythm game. A group of people stand in a circle, with everyone facing the center. Choose a person who will start the round. He or she starts to clap a relatively slow rhythm (slap both legs on the first beat, then clap hands on second beat, thumbs-up on left hand for third beat, and thumbs-up on right hand on fourth beat, and repeat the four beat cycle). Everyone in the circle matches the rhythm set by the leader. To start each round, the leader says (while clapping to the rhythm, one beat per word), “Hodgy podgy, hodgy podgy, hodgy podgy, hodgy podgy!” The leader starts a sentence by saying any word on the one beat (for example, he or she could say the word “Big” as he or she slaps their legs on beat one). The next person in the circle must continue the story by adding the next word in the sentence by the first beat of the next rhythm cycle (for example, the 2nd person could say “dogs,” so the sentence is now “Big dogs..”). The third person in the circle must continue the story by adding the 3rd word in the sentence at the right time (for example, the person could say the...
Screaming Viking

Screaming Viking

Summary: A stationary game in which players are seated in a circle, and one person points to someone in the circle and instructs them to act out a “screaming viking”, a “smurf”, a “chia pet”, among other humorous things. Ages: 8 and up. Recommended # of people: 8-25. Messiness factor: No Sweat. Materials Required: None. Recommended Setting: Indoors. Screaming Viking How to Play Screaming Viking is an entertaining game in which people act out silly motions and make noises. To begin, have everyone sit in a circle with one person in the middle. The goal of the game is not be in the middle at the end of the game. The person in the middle points at a person seated in the circle and then screams, “Screaming Viking! (or one of the other formations described below). One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!” While the person is counting, the person who was selected and the people directly to the left and right must form a “Screaming Viking” formation, described below. If any of the three people (the person selected and the people to the left and right of that person) do not correctly respond in time (before the count to 10 is up) then whoever messes up must go into the middle. The appropriate response can be one of the following: 1. Screaming Viking: each person to the left and right of the selected person must make a rowing motion outwardly to the sides, while the person in the middle must place his or her fingers to the sides of his/her head with index finger pointed...
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