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Free instructions to 67+ of the best group games! Perfect for your next event. Read, play and share our site! See the full list here. Game ideas are also organized by group type and...
We Want Photos of You Playing Games!

We Want Photos of You Playing Games!

Here’s your chance to become famous.. well, sort of. We have lots of instructions for fun games, icebreakers, and activities, but wouldn’t it be great to see them in action? We want to be able to show photos of you and your group playing our games. Please send your photos to our Facebook Page at — it’s especially cool if you have the word “” somewhere within the picture, but either way, send ’em over! If we like your photo(s), we’ll use it on our website and give you a shoutout. Simply mail them to us, tell us a little about your group, and we’ll make you...
Group Games in Action: Games in Nepal!

Group Games in Action: Games in Nepal!

Raman Bhattarai of Team Nodan sent us some great photos of group games in action all the way from Kathmandu, Nepal. Thanks Raman! It sure looks like people from all over the world know how to have fun. Check out the action packed photos by clicking on “view instructions” below — and please continue to send us more photos of you and your group playing games! Whether it’s New York City, the suburbs of Pittsburgh, London, Singapore, Melbourne, Bombay, or Kathmandu… no matter where you are, thanks for making the best international community of group games on the web! Great photos of group games in action in Nepal. These folks sure look like they know how to have a great...

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Group Games in Action: Human Knot

Group Games in Action: Human Knot

Janet B. from San Jose sent us these great photos of the Human Knot Game in action! The object of the game is to untangle the human knot without letting go of the hands. Thanks Janet for the snapshots! Please continue sending us photos (email: group-games at, and we’ll feature your group on our website...
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