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Dragon Tag

Dragon Tag

Summary: Dragon Tag is an action-based game that is like tag, but with a twist! Teams of 4-8 people form “dragons” by linking elbows and attempt to grab the “tail” of another team’s dragon. Last team remaining wins. Ages: 12 and up. Recommended # of people: Groups of 4-8 people. Messiness Factor: Might break a sweat! Materials required: One scarf or bandana for each team. Recommended Setting: Outdoors. Instructions for Dragon Tag Setup for the Dragon Tag Game You need an area with a lot of space. Form teams of 4-8 people. Make human chains by having team members hold on to each others waists or link elbows. Each team of connected people is now a “dragon” with a head and a tail. Place a scarf or bandana hanging in the back pocket of the last person in the chain (the tail of the dragon). Rules for the Dragon Tag Game People who are part of a human chain cannot let go and get separated! The goal of the game is to have the head of each dragon (the front of the chain) to grab the scarf or bandana off the tail of another team’s dragon while staying linked. If any part of a team’s dragon gets separated, the detached tail end cannot move; only the head and the people attached to the head can move. You cannot go after another team until you have reconnected your body together. A team can perform defense by curling up into a ball. You can curl up as a whole dragon or just the tail if the head has been detached. All teams...
Pulse Game

Pulse Game

Summary: An action oriented icebreaker that works especially well with large groups of people. A game of quick reflexes and passing on the pulse! Ages: All. Recommended # of People: At least 40 people. Messiness Factor: Might break a small sweat. Materials Required: A coin, a chair, and any small object like a tennis ball. Recommended Setting: Indoors. Pulse Game The Pulse Game (also known as the Electric Current Game or the Electricity Game) is a great way to break the ice, especially if you have a large group people. In a fast paced action game, two long lines of humans resemble a fast moving electric current! Setup To set up the Pulse Game, you need to form two teams of equal size. The easiest way to do this is probably to have each player pair off with another person. When you’ve divided the group evenly, have each team member face the same direction, and have each team facing each other. Instruct each team to hold hands to form two long human chains. At the end of the two lines, place a chair with a small object (e.g. a tennis ball) on it. The referee stands at the front (see picture below). Playing the Pulse Game To play the pulse game, have the two players at the front of the line watch the referee. Have everyone else close their eyes and face downward. Instruct everyone to be silent. For each round, the referee does the following: Flip a coin and quietly show it only to the first two players at the front of each team. Whenever the coin shows “Heads,” the two people at...

Ghost in the Graveyard

Summary: An action game that is typically played outdoors at night. One person is the “ghost” who hides. The others search for the ghost and when he or she is discovered, he or she yells “Ghost in the Graveyard!” and everyone must try to run back to base before the ghost tags them. Ages: 10 and up. Recommended # of people: At least 5 players. Messiness factor: Hiding and a lot of running involved. Materials: None, flashlights optional. Setting: Outdoors at night, a safe, large outdoor area to play in. Ghost in the Graveyard Ghost in the Graveyard is a game that involves hiding, seeking, and chasing. It’s a good activity for nighttime family or group fun. Be sure to wear comfortable sneakers, as the game involves some running around. Setup for Ghost in the Graveyard There is no real setup necessary for this game, except to ensure that the area is safe from dangerous obstacles. Choose a central location to be the “home base” for the game. How to Play Ghost in the Graveyard Gather everyone at the home base. You’ll need a large outdoor play area for this game. Tell everyone the boundaries of play and make sure everyone knows not to go past these boundaries. To begin, choose a volunteer to be the “ghost.” This person leaves the base and hides somewhere within the boundaries while everyone else closes their eyes. After a minute or two, the rest of the group counts aloud: “One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock…” until they reach midnight. At this point, everyone leaves the base and searches for the ghost. The...
Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

Summary: A team based action game in which the goal is to locate and recover the opposing team’s flag before they do the same. A “jail” houses those who have been caught (tagged by the opposing team). Ages: 10 and up. Recommended # of People: 20+. Messiness Factor: Sweaty. Materials Required: Two flags (any durable, safe, and noticeable object). Recommended Setting: Outdoors. Capture the Flag Capture the Flag is a popular team-based action game that is typically held outdoors. It is a fast paced cousin of “It Tag,” with lots of running and chasing, and some strategy. The following is the traditional version, although there are many variations of the game. How to Play Divide the players into two teams. Agree upon the legal boundaries of play, determine the location of two “jails” (one for each team) and set up a middle boundary between the two teams. At the beginning of each round, each team hides and defends their own “flag,” which is any object that is durable and safe to toss around and run with (e.g. a bright T-shirt or cone). The flag must not be obscured; it needs to be more than 50% visible. Optionally, you may have more than one flag if there are enough people. The object of the game is for one team to grab the flag of the other team and bring it over to their own side. When a member of the opposing team crosses over the middle boundary into the opposing team’s territory, the other team is allowed to tag the person and take them to a “jail” where they stay...


Summary: SPUD is an action game that incorporates some elements of dodge ball. The ball is tossed up high, someone catches it, yells “SPUD!”, take three big steps, and tries to get someone out! Ages: All. Recommended # of people: At least 8 players. Messiness factor: Lots of running and throwing. Materials required: A soft ball that does not hurt when thrown. Recommended setting: Outdoors. The Spud Game Spud is a simple, fast-paced action game that contains running, dodging, and throwing. It is a popular camp or kids game, but youth group students, college students and adults will probably enjoy playing this game too. Lots of variations exist for this game — be creative! How to Play Spud To set up the Spud Game, have each player count off and remember their number. An optional variation is to have more than one person per number. After everyone is assigned a number, have each player group together in a bunch. One person starts with the ball in the center of the bunch. At the beginning of each round, the person with the ball (who is in the center of the bunch) throws the ball upwards to the sky while yelling a number. Everyone disperses and runs in all different directions away from the bunch except for the person(s) whose number was called. The person whose number was called catches the ball and then yells “Spud!” When he or she yells this, everyone must freeze. The person with the ball then is allowed to take three giant steps toward any player. He or she throws the ball and tries to hit...
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