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Who We Are

Welcome to Group-Games.com! This site is run by two self-proclaimed game-lovers, Joe and John. We pride ourselves in bringing you instructions for the best, most fun group games and activities. This website is completely free.

Why Does This Website Exist?

I’ve always enjoyed a group game — they’re interactive, social, provide good memories, and can be a bonding experience for old friends and new acquaintances alike. As one of the college group leaders of my church, I’ve seen the value of games first-hand. Games and play have always been an important part of any culture, and I would argue that they can make a real difference when used properly in a variety of settings: classrooms, camps, churches, youth and college groups, clubs, conferences, even companies. Whether it’s an icebreaker used to engage an audience and make them more comfortable, a team-building activity to promote trust and teamwork, or just a game with friends at a party or informal gathering, group games are important (and fun!)

We thought it would be neat to have a well organized, indexed collection of great games as a useful reference for game-lovers or for teachers, managers, camp counselors, emcees for group meetings, church workers, and so on. As game lovers, this is our way of learning new games and sharing them with others.

We Welcome Your Submissions!

We love good group games — especially the ones that are meaningful, innovative, or that can help people get to know each other better. If you have any games, submit them to stakis (at) group-games.com. We’re adding new games regularly (every few days), so please share them with us!

What Will You Find Here

You will find a large resource of easy to learn, free games. For each game, we’ve provided the recommended age groups along with the ideal number of players. We describe the “messiness factor” of the game so that you will know how much potential cleanup there might be. We list the materials required for each game, which is almost always simple household objects like chairs, pens, and so on. We describe the ideal setting for each game. And finally, we describe detailed instructions for each game, along with strategies and other fun variations you can try.

The games are sorted for your convenience. Here you can find the full list of group games. Games are also sorted by recommended age and by game type. Check them out!

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Remember: Safety First!

As with all physical activities, there is always some risk associated with playing the games. Always be careful and keep safety first. Be sure to provide adult supervision when playing a game with kids. Group-Games.com and its contributors cannot be held responsible for any physical injury, risks, or damages associated with the contents of this website. Keep safe and have fun.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (yada yada boring stuff…)

This site operates by user-submitted content, as the contents of these pages are the submissions of volunteers. Except where explicitly stated or credited to the contrary, all copyright and other intellectual property rights in the material and information available on this website, in the names, acronyms and logos of Group-Games.com, and with respect to the “look and feel” of this website, are owned by the website owners. You may download and use material on this site for personal, educational or other non-commercial use, without any right to resell or otherwise redistribute the material. Group-games.com respects your privacy and will never ask to collect any personal information about you.

This site is completely free, and we’re keeping it that way. Thanks, and enjoy the site!


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