Bigger and Better

bigger and better

Summary: A teambuilding activity in which teams are given a small object (e.g. paperclips) and must keep trading and upgrading their objects to get the biggest, best objects possible until the time limit expires.  The objects are judged for size, value, and creativity.

Ages: 14 and up.  Recommended # of People: Teams of 2-10 people.  Messiness Factor: Light.  Materials: Paper clips or other small objects.  Recommended Setting: Outdoors.

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Great Egg Drop

egg drop

Summary: A team building exercise in which groups build structures with the goal of preventing an egg from breaking. A judge tosses all structures (with the eggs inside) from a high elevation at the end. The winners are the groups that successfully protect the egg.

Ages: 14 and up. Recommended # of People: Several groups of 4-5. Messiness Factor: Quite messy. Materials required: Raw eggs, several straws, masking tape, newspaper, and any other materials for building.

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