Human Sculptures Game

human sculpture

Summary: Human Sculptures (also known as Human Clay) is an icebreaker group game that involves posing people into large human sculptures based on predefined topics.  Two versions exist: a competitive version based on a guessing game, and a version that is more about coming up with a creative interpretation.

Ages: 12 and up. Recommended number of people: Groups of at least three.  Messiness factor: Minimal – hold a pose for a few minutes. Materials required: Sheets of paper and pens.  Recommended setting: Indoors or outdoors.

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Big Wind Blows Game

Summary: Big Wind Blows is a good icebreaker that helps people get to know each other better. Players sit in a circle, with one person in the center as “the big wind.”  This person says identifies a characteristic that is true about themselves and then all players who share the same characteristic must find a new seat.

Ages: All. Recommended # of people: At least 6 players. Messiness factor: Slight running. Materials required: Chairs for each player, minus one. Recommended setting: Indoors or Outdoors.

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ID Guessing Game

Summary: An icebreaker in which people write down two things that they’ve done and one thing that they haven’t on an index card. The goal is to correctly guess who wrote each card.

Ages: All. Recommended # of people: 8-15. Messiness factor: No sweat. Materials required: Several pens and index cards. Recommended setting: Indoors.

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Never Have I Ever

Summary: An icebreaker where players sit in a circle and take turns saying interesting things they have never done. Each player starts with ten fingers. Each time someone says something that you’ve done, you drop a finger. The goal is to be the last player remaining.

Ages: 8 and up. Recommended # of people: 10-20. Messiness Factor: No Sweat. Materials Required: None. Recommended Setting: Indoors.

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