M&M Game

Summary: The M&M Game is an icebreaker that allows people to get to know each other. Each person grabs some M&Ms and shares facts about himself or herself.

Ages: All. Recommend number of people: Groups of 3-12. Messiness factor: No sweat. Materials required: A large bag of M&Ms or any candy with multiple colors (e.g. Skittles).

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Pulse Game


Summary: An action oriented icebreaker that works especially well with large groups of people. A game of quick reflexes and passing on the pulse!

Ages: All. Recommended # of People: At least 40 people. Messiness Factor: Might break a small sweat. Materials Required: A coin, a chair, and any small object like a tennis ball. Recommended Setting: Indoors.

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Name Game

Summary: A simple icebreaker useful for introducing people to each other and helping people learn names. This game is especially useful when there are new people present.

Ages: 10-21 years old. Recommended # of People: 5-20. Messiness Factor: No Sweat. Materials Required: A fun attitude. Recommended Setting: Indoors.

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First Impressions Game

Summary: An icebreaker (or party game) in which people write their first impressions of each other on a large paper taped to their backs.

Ages: 13 and up. Recommended number of people: At least 10. Works with very large groups and meetings. Mesiness factor: No mess, no stress! Materials required: A large piece of paper or posterboard for each participant, pens/markers, sturdy tape. Recommended Setting: Indoors or outdoors.

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