Autograph Bingo Game

Summary: Autograph Bingo is a simple icebreaker that asks people to mingle and find people that match interesting facts listed on a bingo card. The game is useul in that it causes players to discover interesting and humorous facts about each other.

Ages: 12 and up. Recommended # of people: Larger groups of 24+ people. Messiness Factor: No problem. Materials required: bingo cards prepared in advance and writing utensils. Recommended Setting: Indoors.

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Blanket Name Game

blanket game

Summary: A good get-to-know-you name identification game that can get pretty hilarious! Two people stand facing each other with a large blanket in between. The blanket drops, and the first person to correctly identify the other person wins the round.

Ages: All. Recommended # of People: 10-20. Messiness Factor: No Sweat. Materials Required: Blanket. Recommended Setting: Indoors.

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Giants, Wizards, and Elves

giants wizards elves

Summary: An icebreaker / action oriented game good for medium and large sized groups. Similar to a game of rock, paper, scissors, two teams face off and decide to become either “giants,” “wizards,” or “elves.” Giants defeat elves, elves defeat wizards, and wizards defeat giants.

Ages: 10 and up. Recommended # of People: 20 and up (large groups work fine too!). Messiness factor: Might break a small sweat! Materials Required: None. Recommended Setting: Indoors or Outdoors.

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Human Knot Icebreaker

Human Knot photoSummary: A good icebreaker or teambuilding activity for new people to learn to work together – in close physical proximity! The goal is to figure out how to untangle the human knot without letting go of hands.

Ages: 12 and up. Recommended number of people: 7-200 (group sizes of 10 are ideal). Messiness factor: Might break a sweat – (close proximity – hope you’re not claustrophobic!). Materials required: None. Recommended setting: Both indoors or outdoors.

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